Tuesday, 3 June 2014

something I learned this semester ;)

Some people find it easy to say goodbye while others just suffer and finds it hard to let go of things and people that they once cherish to have in their lives. When you feel so connected to the other person that you consider them your soulmate; the better half of you but proves to be just another random people that just passed by in your life is what makes it worse. People may come and go throughout our life, but the thought of not having the same people that once meant so much to you is what saddens us deeply. Yes, it's very much true that people change but memories don't and people leave but memories doesn't, it is good if the memories are cherish able but what if the memories are too painful yet you don't seem to find enough reasons to let go that particular person despite of all those hurtful words the physical and mental torture, the scars left behind..
We don't seem to know a person by just knowing them, a month or even a year isn't enough to know what kind of a person they are. I order to be with the right people on right time at the right place, we should know the certain limits that might pose a great threat to ourselves and the life that surrounds us. In course of life, there will be ups and downs, happiness and sadness and through it all, the only thing we should remember is that after going through joyful moment and all those immense pain, it made us exactly who we are right now. At the end of the day, it is our life and it is really only one thing we've go in this world that we got to say 'ours'.
Often goodbyes are sad and painful and to let go of somebody on their own ways are hard but we should know that after every hurricane comes a rainbow and the departure led us to a perfect and to a much better place than where we were and used to be! There's always a HOPE that we find something good in goodbye ;)

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