Monday, 2 June 2014

A legend from East

A  Legend From The East
I’ve been wanting to write a book about a person and I somehow never got a chance and a nice platform where I could start but when I finally do, all I seem to do is stare at this keyboard and the screen yet thousands of mesmerising, intriguing and inspiring thoughts flashes in my mind when that person occupies my mind.
He started off his journey as a young boy from east trying to find a place in this world which was a fast changing where millions of people were fighting in thier day to day life to earn a living for themselves. He was no extraordinary, all he had in his mind was to build a secure future for himself and his family. Being the eldest from two sons, his father didn’t let him attain school and work in the sheds with cows just so that he could prepare mar and datsi (cheese and butter) for his younger brother who was soon leaving to boarding school. After almost spending half of his life with his parents in his village, he finally decided to step out and face the world. Despite of not being educated, he was strong enough to apply for the post of ‘Driver’ when there was more than thirty of them applying for it. Luckily he passed the test and started his journey as a driver. Soon when he thought that he wanted more out of life, he started his own company as a contractor. The distractions of life, the hurdles that came and passed, it didn’t bother him much and was equally religious and served the late Zhabdrung and Dungse Garab Dorji Rimpochoe. He came to be known as the first ever Jinda (the provider, the servant and the most sincere and faithful disciple) of His Eminence Garab Rimpohoe. After several years he found himself to be the Contractor ‘A’ where else he saw his younger brother who attended the school to be the Contractor ‘B’. They say a person without education is like a person without destination but I don’t fully agree with the statement as I have seen this person who hasn’t even attended a pre-primary school evolving as a person that is regarded as one of the great person from east who built several schools and hospitals in the remote corners and I thought it was one of a kind to let the achievements to be seen and reveal it to the people of Bhutan.
Everytime he says, “Kezang, donot forget to study hard as he didn’t get chance to do so, so that I can repay the kindness and respect to the government by serving it and to be a good person because at the end of the day, people will not know your deeds but they will judge you by your actions.” He is the only person that has been there for me throughout my life and gave out his best to raise me without a mother. He’s a person with great personality, a kind heart and a person with a great dignity. He was a supportive son, a loving husband and the greatest father. For me he is one of a kind and yes, he’s truly a Legend from the East.

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